Safety Products & Installation Service

For all your electrical safety products plus installation needs across Sydney, we provide an extensive and comprehensive range of services including

Smoke Detectors

  • Smoke Detectors are mandatory in all rented properties and new homes or renovations in NSW. You need them to protect your family and your home from the risk of fire. We recommend hardwiring your smoke detector for increased reliability and we can advise the most ideal places for their installation within your home.

Security Sensors

  • Security sensor lights and timers for outside lighting. A sensor light can create safety in dark areas such as driveways and walkways and scare of burglars from your property.

Switchboard Safety Checks

  • Safety switches and Circuit breakers to ensure your electrics are all safe. Have peace of mind knowing you and your family are safe from electrical shocks by simply installing a safety switch.
  • Upgrades to your homes power capacity to take extra loads or switch from 1 phase to 3 phase to ensure your home can handle your power needs without overloading any of your circuits, ensuring consistent supply and your safety as overloaded circuits can be a fire or an electrocution hazard.
  • Switchboard safety checks and upgrades to current safety standards, installation of circuit breakers and the removal of old illegal fuses and asbestos switchboards to keep you up to Australian Standards

Emergency Repairs of Switchboards

  • Emergency repairs on switchboards, power or light circuit failures – we’ll get you up and running quickly and painlessly and will make sure your house is safe so you won’t have to worry.>

Special Bonus Offer:
Surge Protection on your switchboard from as little as $350

Single phase surge protection from as little as $350. You can protect your whole home from power surges caused by nearby lightning strikes. Protect your computers, TVs stereos, microwaves, fridges and more…