Indoor Outdoor Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Installation of Internal Downlights

Installation of Internal Downlights

We can install and/or supply and give advice on all indoor lighting needs including installations and replacements, recessed lighting and downlights, LED lighting, energy efficient lighting and lighting design

Downlights and Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficient downlights are now more efficient than ever and can save you over 80% on your lighting bill. Did you know existing Halogen downlights:

  • operate at over 375 degrees? Imagine a toaster in your roof!
  • are a fire hazard when there is leaf litter in roof;
  • are a common cause of household fires, especially with summer on its way.
  • are actually mini heaters which have a byproduct of light, less than 10% of the energy running through an halogen bulb gets converted to light- the rest is lost as heat!

Did you know energy efficient downlights:

  • Bulbs last 40 000 to 50 000 hours, you may not need to change a bulb for 20 years!
  • have a payback period of less then 2 years
  • have lighting brightness quality the same as halogens
  • have low operating temperatures



Light fittings

We can repair or install new light fittings or light switches, we can recommend the best places in your home for these and let you have light exactly where you need it. Dimmers Dim the lights in your home.  We can advise you on the best places in your home to add dimmers which can create ambiance and mood to your home.  Note that the only lights that aren’t dimmable are the energy efficient Fluoro lights. Garden Lighting

Installation Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

We provide garden, pathway and all outside lighting including all landscape lighting, deck, pool and patio lighting. Garden and building floodlighting. Commercial security and advertising lighting. Christmas lighting and other- OUTDOOR electrical needs such as spa, pools or water pumps

Sensor Security Lighting

Security sensor lights and timers for outside lighting. A sensor light can create safety in dark areas such as driveways and walkways and scare off burglars from your property.