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Save 80% Off Lighting Bill with Energy Efficient Downlightssave energy with LED downlight installation save money

With an average of 4 – 6 halogen down-lights per room, this adds up to 20 to 50 down-lights throughout the whole house. This equates to a very high energy usage (1200W – 3000W). You can reduce this by over 80%, solely by converting your existing halogen down-lights to energy efficient lamps.
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Home Safety with Surge Protection

There are two levels of surge protection. Surge protection installed in your meter panel or household switch board needs to be installed by a qualified electrician, but will protect your whole house from nasty power surges entering your home and destroying your precious electronic equipment.
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Should I install a Bathroom Exhaust fan?

Bathroom exhaust fans are necessary in all bathrooms.reasons for installing an exhaust fan

A shower creates a massive amount of steam which turns to moisture and gathers on the walls. This moisture soaks into small cracks where walls meet ceilings and windows, and this is the beginning of a mould situation.
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Energy Saving Tips With Fluoro & LED Lamps

Replace or retrofit your existing down lights with LED downlights. LED downlight to save energy and money The thing to watch out for with LED bulbs is the efficacy, in lumens/Watt. You need to make sure your bulbs are at least 50 lumens per watt to ensure high quality light output.
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