Security Lighting Offer

Brighten Your Home’s Security Recent data highlights a concerning trend: Almost 19,000 break and enters were committed in NSW in the past year. Car thefts from household driveways, garages, and carports reached an alarming peak in March 2023, surging by 21.3% compared to the previous year, according to BOCSAR. Just as we address electrical issues, countering […]

Smoke Alarm Offer

FREE Smoke Alarm Health Check Working Smoke Alarms Help Save Lives Did you know that all smoke alarms have a 10-year expiry date expressed as either a “date of manufacture” or a marked expiry date?  Don’t wait until it’s too late!  Absolutely On Time Electrical is offering a limited time FREE smoke alarm health check […]

Ceiling Fan Offer

Need a New Ceiling Fan? Save Up To $300 1 x Ceiling Fan Supply and Install from $400 2 x Ceiling Fan Supply and Install from $350 each 3 or More Ceiling Fans Supply and Install from $300 each Pricing based on swap out of existing fan and or light and utilising a remote control, […]