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Common Causes of Power Outages

Common Causes of Power Outages at Home and What to Do About Them Electricity is something that many of us take for granted until something goes wrong. We are so used to having power at all times that it can seriously disrupt your day if the power goes out. Here’s what you need to know about the most common causes of residential power outages and what you can do to fix them.    ...

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How to Connect to the NBN in Sutherland Shire & St George

Source:   The National Broadband Network (NBN) is coming to St George and the Shire! The goal of the NBN is to provide high-speed internet access to homes and businesses all across the country, including here in Greater Sydney. In the past, the NBN made use of fibre-to-the-building technology (FTTB), which involved cabling the connection directly to each property. This typically involved digging up yards, driveways and other features to get the cables into...

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What Is a Safety Switch, and Why Do I Need One?

A safety switch is an essential component of ensuring your safety when using electronic devices. However, not all Australian homes have safety switches installed on the circuit breakers, potentially putting their families and homes at risk of electric shock, electrical fires and other complications. Though a safety switch is a component of a circuit breaker and can often be used in tandem with a surge diverter, these three things are not all the same....

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