Energy Efficient Downlight Installation

Energy efficient downlights can save you thousands of dollars a year in your energy bills. So with rising energy bills now is the time to take action.

Downlight Installation

Most rooms in most houses can have downlights installed, and it is possible to replace existing halogen downlights with energy efficient downlights. Plus you can have new downlights installed in any room the only requirement being pace available for the recessed downlight and cabling to be installed.

Warning: If you are on a top floor of apartments or units you will need to check with your strata as some ceilings of top floor units are fire protection sheets and cannot have holes penetrated into them as it would pose a fire risk.

Which type of fitting should you choose

Fluoro Lamps

  • Lifetime of 8000 hours
  • Lasts 8 times longer than normal lamps
  • Flicker free

LED lamps

  • long lifetime of  50 000 hours,
  • are dimmable
  • Emit zero UV light
  • Low surface temperature

Which colour Light bulbs  should you choose?

There are two choices of lamp colour when you buy LED lamps.

  • Daylight
  • Cool white

Daylight lamps are a bright white lamp and are generally used in Kitchen, Bathrooms, toilets, laundries and any other utility area in your home. Daylight lamps are also useful in offices.

Cool white lamps have a warmer glow to them more a kin to the outdated incandescent lamp we have grown up with. These lamps are especially nice when used in bedrooms, corridors, living areas and any room where a softer light colour is required.

How long does it take?

Energy efficient downlights retrofitted to existing downlights take about 15 mins each, this means a room with 4 lights can be retrofitted in an hours. If you want new downlights installed these take between 30 mins to an hour each depending on the job.

What does this include?

Supplied quality products, a guaranteed booking time, if required a phone call to let you know when we are on our way and cleaning up upon completion of our works plus our guarantees..

Workmanship and Materials Guarantee

Our workmanship comes with a 5 year guarantee and the downlights we supply come with a 2 year warranty.


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