Hot Water Services

Hot Water Services & Systems

From electrical installations to troubleshooting and repairs, our water heater experts can help have your hot water up and running today by helping you with:

Hot Water Emergency Repairs

Hot water systems have a thermostat and an element, either of these items can fail and don’t generally last the lifetime of the hot water system but are relatively simple and cost effective to replace and repair. Don’t go and get a new hot water system till you make sure that yours is not easily fixed

Hot Water Upgrades

Replace your existing leaking, or inefficient hot water system  with a new and energy efficient system. If it is really time to replace your hot water system, we can recommend the best and coordinate with a plumber to have your new hot water system replaced quickly and easily so you can get back on a hot shower ASAP

Off-Peak Hotwater

Advice and installation of getting your hot water system on to off peak  will save you thousands of dollars in energy bills! Find out if you can get your hot water on to off-peak today

Hot Water Timers

Alternatively we can install a timer on your hot water system so that you can choose the ideal time, i.e the most cost effective time, for your hot water system to be heating up, potentially saving you thousands of dollars every year on your energy bills.