Residential Electrical Services

For all your electrical needs across Sydney and the Shoalhaven Region, we provide an extensive and comprehensive range of services including:

Power Point Installations

Repair or Install new  power points, we can recommend the best places in your home for these and let you have power  exactly where you need it, including  outside weatherproof powerpoints. If you are needing a new powerpoint in your bathroom we make sure you are safe by complying with the Australian Standards, AS;3000

Power Failure or Fault Finding

Emergency repairs on switchboards or power circuit failures – we’ll get you up and running quickly and painlessly and will make sure your house is safe so you won’t have to worry. We use advanced fault finding techniques and tools so your power or light fault is identified quickly and easily saving you money.

Switchboard Upgrades & Repairs

We provide safety checks and upgrades  of your switchboard to current safety standards. We  provide installation of circuit breakers and the removal of old illegal fuses and asbestos switchboards to keep you up to current Australian safety standards and to keep you and your family safe.

Upgrade Fuses

Fuses no longer meet current safety standards and it is illegal for an electrician to install a ceramic fuse in a switchboard.

Telephone and Data Services

We provide telephone outlets and internet cabling to ensure your communications are easy, reliable and right where you need them without unsightly cables running throughout your house.

Power Upgrades

We provide upgrades to your powers capacity to take extra loads or switch from 1 phase to 3 phase to ensure your home can handle your power needs without overloading any of your circuits, ensuring consistent supply and your safety. Did you know overloaded circuits can be a fire or an electrocution hazard? We can conduct a free safety check to ensure all your power circuits are operating within the safe range.

Renovation and Extensions

We can give you advice and help you plan your electrical needs for your extension or renovation. We can offer the latest ideas and technologies for your new electrical needs and provide on-time outstanding service throughout your entire project, meaning that you can at least rely on your electrician to be there for you!

Level 2 Electrical Services

A level 2 electrician is required to connect any new meters or connect any power from the street to your electrical board. We can recommend the best and ensure you are well informed about your electrical needs.


Electrical Product Installations
Ceiling Fans, Cooktops, Heaters & TV Related Installations